Newmec was born on 1985 from the technical experience of his Manager Eng. Lasalvia Nicola that begun his activity in this field already on 1964, with the entry of business form in Italy, on that time still unknown. In the first plant of Sesto San Giovanni, a little structure but with big potentiality, is concentrated the production of standard equipments for the print of business form. But with the complicity of technique and creativity, begins immediately in studying and projecting special equipments, to accompany the client in the most various productions, advising him about the best use of printing machines. Thanks to the confidence that clients assign to the company, the plant is transferred in Monza, into an adequate establishment near motorway turn-off and at a few minutes from Milano Linate airport; where are erected basis for future.

Installation takes form with:

- A mechanic workshop with specialized personnel that follow different works, an assembling department also for quality control, final tests on the equipments produced, specialized technicians for interventions at client's plant for mechanic and electronic repairs.
- A warehouse with little standard spares for printing machines of business form of the best brands, ready to be delivered in 24 hours from order.
- A technique department with operational systems and programs of management for the vanguard planning thanks to which can study different solutions for every kind of work the client ask, reaching the optimal productive choice.
- A commercial and account department, always at disposal, with qualified personnel to answer any kind of client necessity.

presents on the most important exhibitions of its field both National like GEC and GRAFITALIA and International like DRUPA and IPEX, that allow to be known also on the world-wide market of the field. Production is oriented on special machines, manufactured following specific clients requests, which have some difficulties in finding them on the market, because machines are produced with standard specifications that not always are the ideal resolution at the problem clients present, Newmec we can say produces machines at clients size. Market evolves and changes in a remarkable way, Newmec keeps up with it and evolves, revolutionizing its production, giving space to a new field on its production capacity: Security world. It is with success that now, after some years of studies, projects, prototypes, and consequential affirmations on the market, presents its waste range of machines and equipments for the application of hologram both for a field called High Security including banknotes, money paper, public documents, stamps; and Low Security including production brand safe guard, anti-counterfeiting of tickets for stadium, museum, manifestation, air tickets, railway tickets, anti-counterfeiting of the product and the packing, where mostly is underlined the professionalism and big technical capacity that marks Newmec production.



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