Tappeto di raccolta a Squame


GIETZ POWERED BY NEWMEC Newmec srl e la Gietz AG – Svizzera, siglano un importante accordo in esclusiva mondiale per la distribuzione dei modelli SECUR20 e SECUR50.

Reel to Reel machine for the application of 15 hologram stripes for the anti-counterfeiting. Possible customization with printing units, die-cutting, ink-jet numering or special equipment upon request.

Reel to reel, 16 hologram stripes hot stamping machine, for the application of security hologram suitable for the anti-counterfeiting and brand protection. Application can be done on any type of substrate: patented, 50% cotton, adhesive with silicon for labels, watermarked, board, PVC, plastic, aluminium.

Reel to reel machine for the application of magnetic bands on thermal paper substrate. Technical specifications: paper width: 25"

Tabletop hot stamping machine for any document authentication in the size DINA4

Hologram hot stamping equipment, magnetic system with copper plate, supplied complete with proper electronic device to determine the foil application in register position. With this system it is possible to transfer both hologram stripes and hologram patches in register position through the mark detection. The system is variable size by the magnetic cylinder replacement, the foil and paper feeding are completely electronic.

Reel to reel hologram hot stamping machine to transfer up to 14 hologram stripes on paper. There is a special section included to use special thermo paper. This special section works with conventional heating system by oil and electrical resistances

Reel to reel hologram hot stamping machine transferring up to 11 hologram stripes and working with spool and pancake.

Macchina per applicazione di stripe olografico, ologramma a patch, strisce trasversali di ologramma. laminatura di ologramma sul nastro carta. Le applicazioni sono le più svariate, ciò rende la macchina adatta a diverse tipologie di lavoro su carta da 60 a 280 gr/mq, carta adesiva per produzione di etichette.

Sheet to sheet machine transferring 2 hologram flanked images (patches) with hot stamping technology. As per all Newmec machines, number of patches to transfer and the sheet size are at customer request. this specific model works with 35x50cm sheets upon request we can reach up to 50x70cm

Reel to reel machine that transfers with hot stamping system hologram continuous stripes by a rotary technology (number of stripes is at customer request), prints one flexo color to personalize the product (in endowment there is an UV drying lamp), transfers with hot stamping system hologram patches (also with printing register) by stop & go technology. With this machine model you can satisfy any kind of production necessity, making ORIGINAL your product.


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